Advantages for Foreigners To Invest in Malaysia Property

Advantages for Foreigners To Invest in Malaysia Property

There are many advantages for foreigners to invest in Malaysia’s property... ranging from ownership property status, flexible loan mortgages easily available and many more! Malaysia’s property investment is now one of the cheapest in Asia. There is potential of growth in the property investment by foreigners and local Malaysians. Malaysia is political stable, economy is growing, free of natural disasters. 2016-Malaysia My Second Home Program continue to attract many foreigners all over the world to retire in Malaysia, rated as the 3rd best place to retire in the world!

15 Key Advantages for Foreigners To Invest in Malaysia Property

Direct foreign ownership allowedKLCC Malaysia
Security in legal ownership with title document
Can own landed property
Can own freehold properties
Can own unlimited number of properties
Low entry point only RM1 million to own a property
Freely allow to sell anytime in the open market
Foreigners can purchase bulk units, buildings, hotels, lands and projects
Foreigners can invest in auction properties
No capital control and repatriation restriction for property investment and gains
No inheritance tax
Liberal property financing for foreigners for MM2H participants
Real Property Gain Tax after 5 years is only 5%
Legal fees, stamp duty and reimbursements payable for purchase and selling for foreigners is same as local Malaysians
All properties with value lower than MYR10 million does not require Foreign Investment Committee approval

Malaysia offers one of the best places for foreigners to invest! Enquire with us today on your investment needs and objective for Malaysia Property- we act as your Independent Investment Consultant to “smoothen your property investment” transaction! We simplify your property investment in Malaysia! Feel free to contact us at +603-2181 2882 ot email :

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