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About ExpatriateAdvisory.com

ExpatriateAdvisory.com is an advisory on real estate and business investment opportunities in Malaysia . The Company, also an agency to promote Malaysia My Second Home program and other immigration services to all individual foreigners and corporations worldwide. Expatriate Advisory Sdn Bhd’s founder, Ms Bee Wong is the Senior Real Estate Agent registered with CDB Properties @ Cheras branch under the agency code E(1)1197/7.

Our property investment advisory division was initially set up to serve the needs of our own in-house clients of Malaysia My Second Homers who intend to invest in Malaysia’s property from 60 different nationalities whom are under Malaysia My Second Home program via our associate company, Complete Point (MM2H) Sdn Bhd, www.MigrateMalaysia.com, Malaysia Top MM2H Agent for 2009-2010. In 2011 and 2012 Complete Point is No 2 MM2H Agent, in 2013 is No 1 MM2H agent and in 2014 – No 2 MM2H Agent in Malaysia. Over the years, we only specialise in handling foreigners in various real estate services, including buy due diligence and legal co-ordinator and bank loan financing.

Due to complexity of the Malaysian rules and regulations in property investment for foreigners to be fully understood, many who have use our convenient one-stop service from purchase, sale and rent of properties as their single platform, finding our service useful, reliable and  accessible. We “simplify property investments in Malaysia” for all foreigners worldwide.

We now populate our services for foreigners’ property investment via web presence and platform, www.ExpatriateAdvisory.com serve as a gateway for foreigners worldwide to invest in Malaysia’s property. We deal only with foreigners! That’s where our expertise lies.

ExpatriateAdvisory handles a vast variety of nationalities worldwide, whose profiles and documentation comes in different formats, has sharpened our skills in obtaining bank financing for foreigners investing properties in Malaysia.  Each client was profiled accurately from personal data to detail documentations when applying for a bank loan. To-date, we are glad to say that 100% of our clients’ have loan applications approved including clients from sanction’s countries.  Many foreigners also find it hard to understand the banking rules and regulations in Malaysia as each banker has its own policies, especially when approving a foreigner’s case based on their different back ground, coupled with our central system allowing all bankers to access our clients’ personal profile in a figure touch.  Each case submission, we will negotiate to get better deal for loan packages.  Any black listing due to loan rejection can create “loss in future opportunities” to any foreigners who intend to invest in Malaysia via our current liberal financing system.

With the tag line “Simplifying Your Property Investment in Malaysia”, ExpatriateAdvisory wishes to extend it’s target audience to serve all foreigners of all categories, including Malaysia My Second Homers, working expatriates living in Malaysia including foreigners who are new to Malaysia’s real estate.

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